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Alt 02.11.2016, 16:49
Manfred Renner Manfred Renner ist offline männlich
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Standard Mossman

Hallo Marianw,

als halber Helgoländer wollte ich Dir die die unten stehenden Daten nicht vorenthalten.
Vielleicht kannst Du ja irgendwann einmal eine Verbindung herstellen. Vielleicht helfen Dir ja auch die weiteren Daten und der Text etwas ?

Mit besten Grüßen aus der Hansestadt Hamburg,


Amelia Eleanor MOSSMAN
* 03.09.1864 in Luddenham Sydney, NSW ( New South Wales ), AUSTRALIEN
+ 08.09.1921 in Croydon Sydney
Getauft: 1964 in Luddenham Sydney
Begraben: 1921 in Sydney
Konfession: EV
Familien ( families )
1.Ehegatte: ( 1st spouse )
Carl Adolph James KRÜß
* 1827 in Hamburg
+ 31.07.1898 in Smithfield
oo 1883 in Newton, NSW, AUS
Henry William KRUSS * 1887 in Newtown, + 1962 in Burwood
Lillian Clare KRUSS * 1889 in Granville, + 1966 in Fairfield
Alvine KRUSS * 1891 in Parramatta
Irene gnt. Rubie KRUSS * 1892 in Central Cumberland
Hilda aka Alvine KRUSS * 1895 in Central Cumberland, + 1898
Carl Adolph KRUSS * 1897 in Parramatta,NSW,AUS, + 1964 in Ettalong
Thomas J. KRUSS * 1899 in Parramatta,NSW,AUS, + 1959 in Hurstville
2. oo am 17.04.1901 in Sydney
2.Ehegatte ( 2nd spouse ) :
Christopher MARTIN
* 01.05.1860 in Carlingford Sydney
+ 06.10.1930 in Merrylands Sydney
Kinder :
Amelia MARTIN * 1902 in Granville, + 1973 in NSW
Daphne May MARTIN * 1904 in Granville, + 1970 in Gorokan,NSW
Alice MARTIN * 1907 in Picton, + 1986
Bemerkungen : ( notes )
Parramatta Wesleyan Methodist
Quelle :
Familiendatenbank Helgoland

The gold framework of the crown of Scotland was refashioned by James Mossman in Edinburgh about 1540, James Mossman, was the owner of the building in the High Street which is now called John Knox's House. Grange and goldsmith James Mossman ( constructor of 'John Knox's' house ) were dragged backwards in a cart and hanged at the Mercat Cross.
James Mossman and James Leckie, goldsmiths, were hanged on the third of August, 1573, and their heads afterwards set up on the most prominent places of the castle wall.
John Knox House is one of Scotland's most important medieval buildings at the hub of the city's commercial, cultural and religious identity. This, the first authoritative account of its history, reflects the life and work of Scotland's most famous Protestant reformer. The narrative also incorporates the story of Sir James Mossman, who died for the Catholic faith in 1573.
James Mossman was apparently a supporter of Mary Queen of Scots and after being captured defending Edinburgh castle against the English, was executed on 3rd May 1573 with William Kirkcaldy.
His first wife was Marriotte Arres, who he married about 1564
His second wife was Janet King - daughter of Alexander King

On the 16th December 1558 the Magistrates and Council caused James Mossman, Goldsmith, in their presence to weigh particularly the whole Kirk jewels and vakuables.

1538. John Mossman, warden
1564-1567.*James Mossman, assayer.
The Laird of Restalrig, though condemned to die also, was afterwards set free, but on the same scaffold with Kirkcaldy was hanged another of the Castilians, as they were called, James Mossman, Queen Mary’s goldsmith, whose initials and coat-of-arms, with other interesting carved stonework, still adorn his ancient booth in the High Street—now John Knox’s House. Mossman’s descendants of the same name are still goldsmiths in Edinburgh, as one may see from the name over the doorway of the jeweller’s shop at 134 Princes Street.

Edinburgh Parish Marriages :
Jonat Mosman married George Peirsone 18 Jan 1597
Katharine Moseman married Johnne Finlawsoune 1 Feb 1597
Jonat Moseman married Johnne Owall 28 Sept 1597
Cuthbert Moseman married Sibillia Mosie 31 May 1608
Elspet Mosman married Andrew Makmath 23 Oct 1617
Bessie Mosman married Walter Scot 6 Feb 1621
Marione Mosman Married Williame Gemmill 13 June 1627
Thomas Mosman married Bessie Cowts 11 July 1633
George Mosman married Jonet Scotte 9 April 1640
Marione Mosman married Johnne Gemmill 24 Aug 1643
Issobell Mosman married David King 29 Jan 1646
Williame Mossman married Agnes Peires 25 June 1646
Marione Mosman married David Wightman 7 June 1649
Esther Mosman married William Auld 3 June 1652
George Mosman married Margaret Patoun 3 Nove 1658
Margaret Mossman married William Henderson 30March 1665
Jonet Mossman married Patrik Crafurd 7 July 1670
William Mossman married Margaret Chrtstion 4 July 1673
James Mossman married Margeret Sympson 16 Nov 1677
Bessie Mossman married George Twaddell 18 Dec 1679
William Mosman married Eupham Hay 8 July 1687
Elisabeth Mosman ( Father* George Mosman ) married Charles McKie 31 March 1700

Sir Andrew Mosman was knighted by Margaret Tudor in the name of James V after he survived the battle at Flodden field. Sir Andrew also fought at, and survived, the battle at Solway Moss. His son, Sir John Mosman ( Glasgow ), incarcerated in Tobooth prison, Edinburgh in the time of James V ( 1513-1532 ) on account of his loyalty to the crown.*He effected an escape to Holland. In 1540 Sir John redesigned an older, lighter, damaged crown for James V, into its current form. These are the oldest set of Crown Jewels in the British Isles and the second oldest in Europe. The crown was first worn by James V to the coronation of his second wife, Mary of Guise, as queen consort at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, in the year of its manufacture.*It was subsequently used in the coronations of the child monarchs Mary, Queen of Scots in 1543 and her son James VI, King of Scots in 1567 and today can still be seen in Edinburgh Castle.*
The Mosmans were a long-standing family of goldsmiths. Sir James Mosman was Sir John Mosman's son. The Mosmans were removed from their court offices as goldsmiths and royal assays in the Protestant revolution of 1559–60 but restored to favour when Mary returned from France in 1561.
Sir James Mosman had two sons, John ( b 1565 - d 1608 ) from his first wife, Marriotta ( Arres ) (wed 1556,
d 12/23/1570 ), and James ( b ~1571-? ) from his second wife Janet ( King ) wed 2/23/1571. He also had two daughters, Janet ( * 1573 ) & Marriotta ( * 1577 ).*
In 1568, James Mosman and Marriotta Arres conveyed the house at 43 High Street, known now as the John Knox house, to John Mosman, goldsmith, their son and his heirs in fee, but reserved to themselves the liferent for the while lives.* We learn from a sasine of February 23rd, 1571, that Marriotta Arres was dead ( from pneumonia ), and that James Mosman was about to marry for the second time.*He bought back the fee from his son, and immediately insert himself and his future spouse Janet King in the family residence in the Netherbow.*Because John Knox appeared to have lived for a short time there and then died, historians have rennovated the house through the ages and it still stands as the best example of a building from that time period.
For his service to the crown, James was knighted during Mary’s wedding to Henry Darnley and awarded a crest with the motto:* more honorable, more dependable, more worthy of trust than the rest.*Mosman was one of the Queen’s Men who occupied and defended Edinburgh Castle in her name. Not only did Mosman set up a ‘cunyie’ or mint in the Castle, but he seems to have pawned the royal jewels, against his own security, to finance its defense and effect the release of Queen Mary from Elizabeth’s prisons in England. He was captured and tortured to reveal the location of the queen's jewels which he had hidden within the castle walls. It is unclear whether he revealed their location, or whether they were easily found. While many of the Queen’s Men were pardoned in an attempt to end the civil war, Mosman was one of the few leaders picked out for punishment. Having lost all his worldly goods he was dragged behind a cart past his house backwards and hung, drawn and quartered at the Mercat Cross in 1573. The writ of execution said the head was to remain on a pike until the winds blew it down…however Janet, his widow, was able to pay to have it removed.* He may have been buried in the cemetary at the back of St. Giles Church which is now a parking lot. Nov 12, London, John Mosman to the Queen of Scots. Begs that she will give him a sum of money to set him up in trade for the support of himself and the other children of James Mosman, their father, who was hanged with the Laird of Greange, because he was her Grace’s Master Ciner and true subject.*
In 1581 lands were assigned to John, “ the eldest son of the late James Mosman, goldsmith…” These lands were sold the following year with the consent of his uncle John Mosman.
John apprenticed as a goldsmith with his uncle, John Mosman, as did his brother James, later in 1586.*
Their family home was confiscated by the English and allegedly given to John Knox to live in during the siege of the castle because either his own house was damaged or in the firing line during the two years of battering by the English artillery. This is where Knox lived in frail health until he died.* *It is possible that James’s widow, Janet, requested that the house be returned to her after Knox’s death as she was destitute as all the family monies had been used to cover the pawning of Mary’s Jewels in order to affect her release. . Because it is known as “John Knox's house” it has been well kept and restored through the ages so it still stands today as one of the oldest buildings in Edinburgh along the Royal Mile of High Street. The building was known to be renovated in the 1850’s and in the early 2000’s.*
Quelle(n) :

Sir James Mossman
* 1519 in Scotland
+ 03.08.1573 in Edinburgh, Scotland
1. Heirat mit
Marriotte / Mariota Arres
+ Februar 1573
( Tochter der Eltern John Arres und N.N. )
Kinder :
John Mossman, Sr. * 1565
James Mossman, * 1571
Marion Mossman, * 1577
2. Heirat mit
Janet King
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Alt 07.11.2016, 22:22
Manfred Renner Manfred Renner ist offline männlich
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Ort: 20257 Hamburg - Eimsbüttel
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Bitte an die Administratoren. Bitte meinen letzten ( doppelten ) Eintrag nach Möglichkeit loschen !!
Vielen Dank, Manfred ( Renner )
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Alt 08.11.2016, 08:12
Benutzerbild von Billet
Billet Billet ist offline männlich
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Alt 08.11.2016, 18:17
Manfred Renner Manfred Renner ist offline männlich
Erfahrener Benutzer
Registriert seit: 23.12.2006
Ort: 20257 Hamburg - Eimsbüttel
Beiträge: 978
Standard Doppelter Eintrag

Vielen lieben Dank !

LG aus HH,

Manfred ( Renner )
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