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Standard I need help, i would like to find my family history, Batschka/Serbia

I will try to explain my case and try to find my family "roots", because i'm stuck, if someone can help me to find data for my old family i would be happy to read that.

I interesting to history of my family before 1901. Here in Batschka was Austrohungarian in that period, and the church book with all data of birth/death/marriage was write in Hungarian language.
In that book my Great grandfather was name Sándor Peter (but his real name was Aleksandar/Alexander or similar), but in that period when someone say to Hungarians "my name is Aleksandar", Hungarians will write Sándor insted of Aleksandar.

When i try to research in our local Archives of Voivodina, they told to me that my great grandfather Sándor Peter was born 27.May.1901. in Batschka/Serbia, village Kovil (Serbian Kovilj, Hungarian Kabol) he died 13.January.1968.

Problem is because my grandfather Petar Peter (son of Sandor/Aleksandar and Juliana (Last name before marrage Sebah) Peter) was born 6.july.1924 (die 2003.) and his data of date of birth is write in the church book in close to Kovil village Budisava (Serbian), Waldneudorf (German name in that period), Tiszakálmánfalva (Hungarian), that church was Evangelistic German Church, but comunist was destoyed that church in 1946. when my grandfather Petar was live, he told to my father that all documents (history of our origin) from that church Germans was move to Germany (probably in Koln).

Short history of my family:

Petar Peter 1924.-2003. (father name Sandor/Aleksandar, mother name Juliana).
Sandor/Aleksandar Peter 1901.-1968. (father name unknow/mother name unknown).

I would to ask for is someone know where in Germany is our history book, or if someone knows where to find online that data if ther exist, in best case i woud like to know our city of origin of my family.

Sorry for my bad English language, my native language is Serbian (my grand father was speek German language), but not my father and i.
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