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I am new to the forum and site and wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Cecelia and I am 2nd generatio German American on my fathers side. I have been researching my fathers side of the family for a bit now and have run into a brick wall almost literally! I have military records for his short bit in the US Marine Corps but can find absolutely nothing else in our last name hence my joining two groups in hopes of finding some information that may point me in the right direction.

I look forward to meeting some or all of you on here and learning not only about my father and his family, but also my ancestry (o:

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Hello Cecelia,

welcome to our forum!

What do you know about your family, where were they from?
What name are you looking for?
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Hi Cecelia,

tell us more about the names of your family.
We can't help you without facts.
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Hi Cecelia

Welcome to the forum!

Did you look for the passenger list or other documents on familysearch?
Did you consider that there could be different writings of the surname?

Meine Website über meine Vorfahren inkl. Linkliste:

Interessengemeinschaft Oberbayern http://forum.ahnenforschung.net/group.php?groupid=38

Interessengemeinschat Unterfranken http://forum.ahnenforschung.net/group.php?groupid=37

Interessengemeinschaft Sudetendeutsche http://forum.ahnenforschung.net/group.php?groupid=73
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