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Standard Information on Paul Ernst Kaess

Sgt. Paul Ernst Kaess in Batterie Sturm-Artillerie-Abteilung 190

My Grandfather Paul Ernst Kaess (1921-2002) served in the German Army in WWII. Paul Ernst Kaess military record from the German Army in WWII was obtained from Deutsche Dienstelle Berlin in Feb 2017 by Brian Paul Kaess, his Grandson.
Paul’s entry date for the German Army was June 17 1940. He attended Field Artillery training in Batterie schwere Artillerie-Ersatz-Abteilung 61 in Pilsen (June 1940) and Schwabisch Gmund (Sept 1940). He also trained with Batterie Artillerie-Lehr-Regiment Juteborg in Sept 1940. He was assigned to Batterie Sturm-Artillerie-Abteilung 190 from Oct 1 1940 to Feb 4 1944. He also served in Sturmgeschutz-Brigade 190 from Jan 14 1944. From Feb 24 1944 to his discharge (his discharge date is unknown), he served in Genesendenbatterie Sturmgeschutz-Erzatz- und Ausbildungs-Abteilung 200 in Schweinfurt.

Paul was in the hospital three times:
1) June 22 1942 in Kriegslazarett 2/610 Simferopol
2) Jan 30 1944 to Feb 9 1944 in Reservelazarett I Warschau, C1, Salzstrasse
3) Feb 2 1944 in Reservelazarett III Hannover, Abteilung Clementinenhaus
Von Reservelazarett I Warshau.

Paul Ernst Kaess was promoted to Gefreiter (Corporal) in June 22 1942 and promoted to Unteroffizier (Seargent) on Jan 30 1944. His final Discharge date is unknown but is believed to be around late 1944-45.
Brian Paul Kaess
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Hallo Brian
ich habe den fehlenden Andreas gefunden =) er ist schon am 13.11.1824 geboren
Johanna Carolina war seine zweite Ehefrau. Hier der Link zum Familienregister, von Ancestry, aus Benningen. https://www.ancestry.de/interactive/...&usePUBJs=true Grüßle Beate
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Here is a revised Kaess Surname Line.
Line of ascent from Paul Jesus Kaess to Georg Kaes:

Paul Jesus Kaess (b. 2001)
Brian Paul Kaess (b. 1967)
Gerd Edwin Paul Kaess (1947-1972)
Paul Ernst Kaess (1921-2002)
Friedrich Emil Kaes (1889-1968)
Andreas Kaes (1824-1896)
Johannes Kaes (1794-1862/1869)
Andreas Kaes (1757-1824)
Johann Jacob Kaes (1730-1794)
Johann Georg Kaes (b. abt 1704)
Georg Kaes (1669-1755)
Georg Kaes (b. 1634)

Kaess Family Ancestors
The parents of Friedrich Emil Kaes (1889-1968) are Andreas Kaes (1824-1896) and Johanna Caroline Lang (b. 1850). Andreas Kaes was born Nov 13 1824 and died Mar 14 1896, both in Benningen, Wuerttemberg, Germany. Andreas Kaes had two children out of wedlock with Magdalena Böhler: Caroline Kaes (b. Sep 5 1851) and Wilhelm Kaes (b. Nov 15 1852). Andreas was married twice. His first wife Anna Dietiker (1823-1879) died in 1879 – the same year he married Joahnna Caroline Lang (his 2nd wife). Ann reputedly came from Switzerland. No known children with Ann. With Joahnna Caroline Lang, Andreas Kaes had five children, his last child being Friedrich Emil Kaes (1889-1968). There is a 'familien register' placing Andreas Kaes with his spouse Johanna Caroline (Lang) Kaes, along with their five children and parents. It also mentions that Friedrich Emil Kaes traveled to Buenos Aires in 1923.
The parents of Andreas Kaes are Johannes Kaes (1794-1862/1869) and Regina Barbara Staengle (1789-1829). Johannes Kaes was born Aug 8 1794 and died Dec 12 1862 or Jan 1 1869. Regina Barbara Staengle was born Apr 4 1789 and died Aug 3 1829. These dates hould be checked.
The parents of Johannes Kaes are Andreas Kaes (1757-1824) and Johanna Barbara Entenmann (1760-1824). They married on Aug 7 1782 in Benningen. Andreas Kaes was born Jul 17 1757 and died on Feb 9 1824, both in Benningen. Johanna Barbara Entenmann was born Jun 23 1760 (in Benningen) and died Oct 30 1824. The Kaess’ and Entenmann’s are both ‘old’ families in Benningen and there is evidence of intermarriage between them.
Johanna Barbara Entenmann (1760-1824) was married to Andreas Kaes (1757-1824) in Benningen am Neckar, Germany. Her parents were Johann Friedrich Entenmann (1724-1802) and Anna Maria Eberle (1730-1810). The Entenmann's were intermarried with the Kaess' in Benningen. They were also descendants of the Haller von Hallerstein family, a noble family from Nuremburg.
The parents of Andreas Kaes (1757-1824) were Johann Jacob Kaes (1730-1794) and Anna Elizabeth Buerkle (1732-1760). They married on Aug 21 1753 in Benningen. Johann Jacob Kaes was born on Oct 16 1730 and died on Oct 24 1794, both in Benningen. Anna Elizabeth Buerkle was born on Nov 30 1732 and died on Nov 26 1760, both in Benningen. The parents of Johann Jacob Kaes were Johann Georg Kaes (b. abt 1704) and Anna Margaretha Thomas (b. July 26 1700 in Benningen). They married on Nov 10 1729 in Benningen.
Finally, the parents of Johann Georg Kaess were Georg Kaes (1669-1755) and Anna Catharina Roestlin (b. 1658). They married on Nov 27 1703 in Benningen. Georg Kaes was born Jan 27 1669 in Burgstall, Germany and died on Jan 9 1755 in Benningen. Georg Kaess was the ‘first’ Kaess in Benningen. He eventually settled in Benningen after his marriage.
Therefore, Benningen am Neckar, Germany, has been the ‘Heimat’ of the Kaess Family for centuries.
Therefore, the Kaess Family Tree is elucidated.

Brian Paul Kaess joined the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society (based in Pennsylvania) in Oct 2017 to Dec 2018. He submitted a Letter to the Editor that will be published in the Dec 2017 issue of Der Kurier, newsletter for MAGS. This Letter contains slight info on the Kaess Family.

Brian Paul Kaess wrote three books in 2017:
1) Notes on the Kaess Family (2018). 49 pages. Written in June 2017. The publication date (2018) is misleading, it was actually written in 2017. Not up to par with other works, some mistakes. At ACPL in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, There is an addendum with 'Chicago Friends.'
2) Kaess/Ochiltree/Swartz Family History (2017). 81 pages. Written in July 2017. This book has a good coverage of the family, on both sides of the 'pond'. Slight mistakes, especially in abbreviations. The most accurate info on Paul Ernst Kaess.
3) Kaess Family from the Neckar Valley (2017). 44 pages. Written in Sept 2017. This book was intended to be a masterpiece, but is slightly limited in scope. Tends to have the most up to date info of all three volumes. Most accurate Kaess Surname Line. Only available at familysearch.org .

Dietrich Kuechler (from Swabia) told Brian Paul Kaess that there were many Kaess' from Erdmannhausen, nearby to Benningen. The Kaess' show up in the stock books of Erdmannhausen all the way back to 1522. The whole clan comes from there and settled in nearby towns, such as Benningen am Neckar.

Kaess Family from the Neckar Valley (2017) by Brian Paul Kaess is found in the following link at familysearch:

Arnhild Kaess-Tiefenbach says that, after the death of Paul Ernst Kaess in 2002, that there was an announcement.

Brian Paul Kaess name appears in the 1984-1985 Lane Tech H.S. (Chicago) Warrior school newsletter in an article about a Marine Fitness Team competition. Brian placed 4th in an Individual competition (Chicago area) and received a trophy for his efforts. It was in the Warrior or similar Lane newsletter. Brian was the Captain of the Lane Tech Marine Fitness Team which participated in this contest.
Brian Paul Kaess was also Vice President of the Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) Philosophy Club from 1991-1992.

Brian Paul Kaess (b. 1967) named his son Paul Jesus Kaess (b. 2001) after Brian's Paternal Grandfather Paul Ernst Kaess (1921-2002). The elder Paul had been a German soldier in WWII, wounded in battle.

There is a mention/slight obit for Marie Ellen Dawson Kaess (1945-2012) in the November 2012 Issue of the Dixon Blue Light News, an SCV Camp Newsletter from Belleville, Illinois. It is on page 3. Here is a link:

There is also a mention of LCpl. Brian 'Chaos' Kaess in Our Military Heritage database, Peacetime section, at Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. This is the same person as Brian Paul Kaess. Link below:

In abt June/July 1997, Brian Paul Kaess and his friend Bill visited Sea World San Diego. They petted the Dolphins and saw the Shamu Killer Whale show. Brian was in the Marines at this time, in the School of Infantry. Bill (German B.A.from UIC) was a civilian friend living in San Diego. They were mutual friends to Isolde Kohn, a German. Bill worked at Pier 1 Imports.
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Standard Brian Paul Kaess Family Photos


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