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Standard Schwedischer Auswanderer nach Guben

Hallo, leute!
Ich komme aus Schweden und schreibe diesen Text auf Englisch, entschuldigung!

Ok, I just found someone in my family who emigrated to Germany. I really don't wanna pay money to find stuff + I have no idea how to search in Germany!

Anders Peter Andersson born 18th March 1862 in Malmö married my great, greatgrandmas mother Maria Lovisa Andersson (Dahl) born 2nd May 1876 in Lund. They got 4 kids together and all were born in Lund:
Ernst Hilding born 2nd July 1902
Hedvig Laurentia born 2nd November 1903
Harry Ferdinand born 14th June 1906
Håkan Albin born 29th December 1907 - dead 22nd January 1908

Maria Lovisa Andersson died 18th November 1908 from tuberculosis in Lund. 1908-1909 the kids have to move away to poor places and they later get foster parents and move around in Sweden. They have to do this because Anders Peter Andersson has abandoned the kids and moved to Germany!

In the Swedish archives it says that Anders Peter Andersson moved 9th June 1911 and that his marriage proposal got accepted the same day. He married a woman named Pauline Konrad from Guben, Preußen. I'm not sure if Anders Peter moved there or if Pauline Konrad was from Guben, cause it only says he moved to Germany in the moving records.

I also got to know that Guben is a split city, there's also Gubin in Poland!
I don't know what to do and I'm really curious what he did in Germany. Is there someone who can help me?

Kind regards,
Emil Persson
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He married a woman named Pauline Konrad from Guben
Gomorron Emil!

Here is a City directory of Guben, Brandenburg, Germany, from 1907, which shows:
Pauline Konrad, born Maethe, widow, Kirchhofsweg 37.

The next available volume is from 1930, but there is no Andersson, only Ernst Anderson

But that's another family:
https://archivdatenbank.bbf.dipf.de/...0-493eb1300c4b (teacher-database of Prussia)

Records of marriages from Guben are here:


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