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Standard Familie Schlunke

Hallo zusammen,

meine Ahnin hieß Justine Schlunke und wurde im Jahre 1837 in Wendisch Bork geboren. Ihre Eltern hießen Andreas Schlunke und Louise Johanna Wolter. Justines Geschwister hießen:

-Henriette Friederike Wilhelmine, 1821 - 1882
-Henriette, 1824 - 1825
-Johanne Louise, geb. 1825
-Johann Friedrich, geb. 1827
-Andreas, geb. 1829
-Henriette, 1830 - 1831
-Ferdinand, 1831 - 1832
-Caroline, geb. 1832
-Johanna Friederike, geb. 1835 - 1841
-Friedrich August, geb. und gest. 1839
-Henriette, 1840 - 1845

Der Vater Andreas Schlunke wurde 1799 in Wendisch Bork geboren; seine Frau stammte aus Schäpe. Sein Vater hieß ebenfalls Andreas und lebte von ca. 1772 bis 1834. Er starb in Wendisch Bork, wo er mit seiner Frau Charlotte Sophie (1773 - 1849) gewohnt hatte.

Wenn jemand noch Ergänzungen dazu hat, würde ich mich darüber sehr freuen.

Habe noch in Elsholz und Michelsdorf Schlunkes gefunden, aber noch keine Verbindung zu meinen herstellen können.


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Standard I have information on the Schlunke family

Hello Wilgruben,

Pleased to meet you.

I have many additions for you. Kindly send me your email and I will give you the information I have.

I also am a direct descendent of Andreas Schlunke through Justine's brother, Andreas August.

I still carry the family name.

I understand you wrote this 10 years ago. I hope you will still receive my message!

James Schlunke
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Alt 19.03.2020, 23:16
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Hello James,

thank you for your post.
Justine Schlunke (31.05.1837 - 29.11.1890) was the mother of my great-grandmother. I know the names of her parents, Andreas Schlunke and Johanna Louisa, born Wolter. The Parents of Andreas Schlunke: Andreas Schlunke and Charlotte Sophie (I don't know her birth name). The parents of Johanna Louisa Wolter: Andreas Wolter and Anna Catharina Wüstenhagen. Anna Catharina was the daughter of Peter Wüstenhagen (son of Christian Wüstenhagen, farmer in Niebel, Brandenburg) and Anna Dorothea Grosskopff (daughter of Johann Grosskopff from Schäpe, Brandenburg).
These are my current informations about the ancestors of Justine Schlunke.

Do you have more informations about Charlotte Sophie, may be her birth name?
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Hi Wilgruben,

I have tried to find her forename too. Unfortunately I cannot seem to locate it. Every source I have researched labels ''NN'' which means it cannot be verified.

I am hoping to find it in the future, however with absence of birth records this is quite difficult. I expect that she was named after Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz who was a Prussian royal that had married into the British royal family at the time and was extremely popular in Germany.

I have attached a document that might be of some use. I found it some time ago. However, despite my heritage I cannot speak German. Let me know if you find anything of significance. Unfortunately, I suspect it is a death certificate which will only contain her married name and not her maiden.

From my research I have discovered that this town (Wendisch Bork/Schape) were agricultural villages that serviced the town of Berzig. From what I can gather, the grew white Asparagus, pumpkin and Mulberries. Also, they appear to have been breeding horses and had an impressive stables. It is also possible that they had some connection with the lutheran clergy, they are rumoured to have been extremely pious people.

Furthermore, my descendent Andreas August is listed as having agricultural/farming skills on his immigration documents to Australia. He must have learned this from the family business in Schape. Andreas Schlunke (Senior) was his grandfather and he seems to have been the first german to go abroad.

Unlike the British/Irish, Germans migrants were not convicts to australia. They were valued as being extremely skilled, especially in agriculture and food cultivation. I believe they came to Australia because they saw it as a new 'promised land'. It could also be that their piety meant that they had objections to the ongoing conflicts with Napoleon/Russia/The Habsburg empire and sought new beginnings. However, I believe the first theory to be the most likely.

Therefore, you are likely to see the Schlunke name still pop up around Australia. My children will also bare this name. My wife is an ethnic Korean from New Zealand so the Schlunke history will no doubt become more rich and more complicated. My own ethnic composition is strongly Irish on both my fathers mother and Mother's parents side. My Irish relatives arrived in australia much more recently.

Wishing you extremely well from Melbourne! Please feel free to contact me and ask any other additional questions you may have. I hope I have at least filled some small gaps in your understanding.

Warm regards,

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Hallo Wildgrubin,

ich klicke mich gerade durch die Kirchenbücher von Wollin und Karow (suche die Namen Albe und Lietze), dort gibt es den Namen Schlunke. Vielleicht ist das ja ein Hinweis. Wollin und Karow sind doch gar nicht so weitweg von Linthe.

Liebe Grüße
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