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Hallo Daina,

thank you very much for the information about the relationship to the Czernays. I am very interested in further details.

I found a lot about the Czernays in the Baltic, mainly German-language newspapers. If you’re interested, I can try to send some. I’ve been working on it for the past three weeks.

The family is originally from the historical Upper Hungary.

Best whishes

Hi, Laszlo, apologies for not responding so long…

As to any further details/information that I have the Czernay family, there is not so much. And I am now not sure if you could be interested in Giel part of it (I mean my grandfather’s sister). Apart from what I have already provided, I do not think I can add much since you have many articles from the local newspapers.

There are also articles in old Latvian newspapers on Hugo Czernay. Mostly mentioning his activities in local community. From the publication of "Latviešu Avīze" on April 27, 1905, it is known that “pastor [Hugo Czernay] has served 8 years in Vircava, 12 years in Saldus, and 15 years in Blidene. Born on January 18, 1839 + April 23, 1905. Died of cancer. Mentioned in the memories of contemporaries as a person rejecting the ideas of the 1905 revolution” (my translation from Latvian).

Besides (in case you haven’t found already) Czernay family tree can be seen in geni.com as well (https://www.geni.com/family-tree/ind...00040026143455). I am not the author 😊

August Heinrich Czernay married Marie Olga Irma Giel in 1908. They had four children, and in 1939 all of them moved to Germany (as plenty other Baltic Germans at that time). Irma herself comes from a family of eight children, she was youngest of the four sisters (born in 1881). She finished a girls’ school (Tochterschule) in Riga in 1901 to be a teacher (Hauslehrerin) Her parents owned a manor not far from Tukums (a city around 70 km from Riga), her father also built a few ships in 1870s-1890s.

This is it for now.
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