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Standard Good morning from Brno


my name is Dušan and I'm from Brno in Moravian region of the Czech republic. I only speak a little german, so I have to use English. If you will write me, you can use german, the Google translator works well for me :-)

For now I have a question and an offer:
I need to help with church books in Germany, Sachsen. Can somebody give me an advice how to search these books? Are they online? Now I look for my wife's ancestors from the region Obersaida, Sachsen. Her grandfather was transfered from Brno to Germany after the WW2. He came from Böhmisch Grünthal near Olbernhau. His parents and grandparents came from Obersaida (his birth record is in the attachment). Can i find online church books from Obersaida?

On the other hand, I can help anybody with the czech and moravian church books, with the records in the czech language, if you want.

Thank you!
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Good morning Dušan,

a warm welcome to this forum! Here you will get loads of kind help and advice from the most friendly people ever. My wife's ancestors are partly from Brno, but there are many other ancestral places to be mentioned. Humpolec, Kromeriz,Frydlant nad Ostravici, Zlutice, Mirov, Opava, just to name a few. Sorry for not using the proper czech letters. I cannot find them on the tatstatur of my laptop. I am sure you will know what places I am speaking of.

Best regards

Joh. Christian KROHNFUSS, Jäger, * um 1790
Rötger Martin TODE, Obergerichtsprocurator in Hamburg, * 1735, + 1805
Carl KRÜGER, Amtmann in Bredenfelde, * um 1700
Georg Melchior SUDHOFF, Pächter in Calvörde, * um 1680
Dorothea v. NETTELHORST a. d. H. Kapsehden, * um 1600
Thomas SCHÜTZE, Bürgermeister in Wernigerode 1561
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Hello Dušan:

And welcome to the forum!

The general website for Protestant churchbooks in Germany is archion.de, which is a service of the Evangelical Churches of Germany. This is a pay site, you have to pay for access for a month or a year.

The area of Obersaida is in the Kirchenkreis (church district) Freiberg in the Landeskirche (state church) of Saxony. The church books for this Kirchenkreis are not yet online, but should be coming sometime soon (maybe in the next year?).

With friendly greetings

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