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Thanks to all.

I have new peices of this puzzle.

I call Archives of Sombor city (Czoborszentmihály is Hungarian name), they find original birth certificate from 1901. for Sandor (Alexander) Peter, they will send to me copy of that document in two days, and when i receive that i can confirm all data. In that document thay are not write exact date of birth of parents, ther is only data that father of Sandor is 25 Years old, and mother of Sandor is 22 years old at the time of birth of Sandor 27.May.1901.

Name and last name: SANDOR PETER
Date of birth:27.May.1901.
Date of death: 19.January.1968.
Place of birth: Tscherwenka (Crvenka)
Place of death: Neusatz (Novi Sad)
Name and last name of father: PETER PETER (born 1876, Tscherwenka, Evangelist)
Name and last name of mother: ANNA MüLER (born 1879, Tscherwenka)
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