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Hi everybody,

I agree that the Kalocsa Archive is a great site, but I am afraid that it is not of great use for Peterns. Kalocsa contains mostly catholic parish registers, but Cservenka was to a great deal evangelistic and Peterns' ancestors also seem to be evangelistic.

As the catholic registers sometimes also contain other confessions, I checked the birth records of Cservenka between 1899 and 1903 but did not find a single birth with the last name Peter. I also checked the book "T S C H E R W E N K A Cservenka – Crvenka Batschka 1785 – 1944" by Angela Hefner, which should contain Tscherwenkaer families regardless of their confession, but could not find an Alexander Peter or a Peter Peter.

So I am afraid that Cservenka is either a dead end or even a red herring.

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