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Frage Seeking info about relatives to Halfdan Gjermundsen Skaardal - came to Chemnitz in 1924

I`m seeking info about Halfdan Gjermundsen Skaardal, born 19 July 1896 in Gjerpen/Solum in Norway. Went to Germany in 1924 to study engineering in Chemnitz. He married a girl named Wally, and had an electro firm in Chemnitz together with his father in-law. His last name was probably Naumann, as the company was called Skaardal u Naumann. Halfdan and Wally survived the war, and they had to girls. Uncertain about their names but might be Ilse and Sigrid.

I would be grateful if any of you could provide me with information of Halfdan and Wally, like marriage, death, name of daughters and their families.

Thanks so much in advance,

Tormod Strander,
Oslo, Norway
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