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thanks for the info, i already have that.
i know all from Chile... this Johan was the one who bring the name to Chile, but i wanna know from were they travel, i know first was liverpool and stop in USA and in the end they live in Valdivia Chile and all the family stay in the area. but he married 2 or 3 times and in Chile they wrote wrong the name, original was Kalwis in Chile one Wife was later Kalvis and the other change to Kalwitz but all are coming from the same guy.
we dont have information from were they come, we know the grandfather from my mother just speak german and both parents from him was germans, but from were ? no idea , in Lithuania Kalvis is like to say Möller or any common name so is difficult to search, one guy wrote here the same info, so i guess he know more from the family before they move to Chile.
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Hola MaKita,

abgereist 12.3.1896 Liverpool Ziel Valparaiso
mit der Orellana:

Johann Kalwis, farmer, 35,
Marie Anna, 32,
Johann, 5,
Hertha, 1 1/2

Ansonsten taucht der Familienname um die Zeit in der damaligen Zeit im Memelgebiet auf ( Memel heute Klaipeda Litauen ).

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