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Standard Hollburg wappen /Holl family

Hi Kurt,
Thank you for that. Two minds alike as I have been busy as well.
See attachment Hollburg2. Painted up.
Thank you also for colour change scheme as I have never seen Si for black.

A distant relative Uncle had The Holl family shield done. A company called ARALDIS are they any good with information or are they bad heraldry company. As you can see in Holl 2 and Holl 1. There is the Hollburg family shield. Also Hollburg from Hamburg and not from Isny Allgau. Information seems sceptical. Odd situation This Hollburg wappen is similar to what my father (seen back in the 1940s)described to me when I was young child (Late 1970s).

Any answers on this if possible ???
I am still interested to know what 2 x 5 Elderberries (5Hollunder beeren) , a gold burg tower with the gate opened and the 3 lances with the gold black flag mean and the shields estimated age.
Thank you to all that help
Kind regards
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