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Standard Property Transfers

Jahr, aus dem der Begriff stammt: 1550
Region, aus der der Begriff stammt: Bockau, Erzgebirgskreis, Saxony

I received a number of pages from a book that seems to be detailing property transfers in Bockau between 1560 and 1841. I attached a photo of one page.

I think I understand the general idea: the property is sold from the person named on the left to the person named on the right. It states the year of the transaction and the amount paid (in florins?). And the property being referred to is highlighted in the gray box.

Does anyone know what would be the significance of the ratio that is written to the left of the year? Maybe it is a portion of the property? But why do some quantities have a (+) sign written in the front?

Also, in the page I attached - Valten FRIEDRICH is my ancestor. He sold the property (or some of the property) to his son (Paul) in 1556. On the left page, it seems to indicate that Valten FRIEDRICH owned the property in 1536. What would the "Turkensteuerregister 1542" refer to? I am not good with history. My translator says it means "Turkish Tax Registry."

Thank you for any input.


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