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Stanley Who 10.05.2020 12:16

Hilfe mit 3x Urgrossvater Carl Sass
Hello Everybody here,

Hope you can steer me in the correct direction in finding further details about my 3x greatgrand parents,

Carl Sass & Wilhelmine Jaeger, I have found 5 entries so far but have hit a wall and can not find any further details.

1) Tochter, Emma Therese Emile Sass, g 24-10-1847, t 4-11-1847, s 28-6-1848
KB, Mewe,Krs Marienburg

2) Sohn, Gustav Hermann Adolf Sass, g 8-7-1849, t 15-8-1849 , s 18-7-1851, b 22-7-1851,
KB, Kokoschken, Stargard,Krs Pr Stargrad

My 2x Greatgrandfather,
3) Sohn, Hermann Edmund Sass, g 25-5-1851, t 22-6-1851, s 24-12-1906 b 28-12-1906
KB, Kokoschken, Stargard,Krs Pr Stargrad & Marienburg,Krs Marienburg

4) Unbaptized Sohn Sass, g 25-11-1853, s 8-12-1853, b 11-12-1853
KB, Kokoschken, Stargard,Krs Pr Stargrad

5) They are mentioned in the marriage entry for my 2xGGF, 20-9-1874 KB Marienburg,Krs Marienburg
Carl Sass is noted as verstorben.

What I would like to know (if possible) is marriage and death. I did look through the KB Kokoschken, Stargard,Krs Pr Stargrad past 1853 for many years and found no more entries connected for my Carl Sass.
Is there possibility where they have moved to.

Kind Regards

bvantfoort 11.05.2020 01:48

Hello Jan,
I found the death certificate of your 3x grandmother Wilhelmine Sass nee Jaeger on Ancestry - Marienburg Todesurkunde #442, but I'm not sure how to attach it here.
If you can't find it yourself please send me a personal note with your email and I can send it to you as an attachment.
According to the certificate, she was born ca 1816 in Falkenau, Krs. Marienwerde, her father was Gustav Jaeger, and she died on Dec 9th 1886 in Marienburg. The death announcement was made by her son the Glassmaker Hermann Sass. The place of the death of her husband Brickmaker William Sass is also mentioned, but unfortunately, I can not read it. In some of the entries for the birth and death of their children Carl Sass is also entered as Carl Wilhelm Sass, so I think it is the same family.
Good luck with your research!

Stanley Who 11.05.2020 04:32

Hello Birgit,

Thank you very much for that, I found it on Ancestry, it must have been the spelling which made it impossible for me to find, I must keep that in mind when searching for Sass/Sahs.
Hopefully I can go on a bit further now with that line.


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