Assenheimer aus Asperg

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  • briankaess22
    • 08.02.2016
    • 37

    Assenheimer aus Asperg

    Die Suche betrifft das Jahr oder den Zeitraum: vor 1912
    Genaue Orts-/Gebietseingrenzung: Asperg
    Konfession der gesuchten Person(en):
    Bisher selbst durchgeführte Internet-Recherche (Datenbanken):
    Zur Antwortfindung bereits genutzte Anlaufstellen (Ämter, Archive):

    Roland Kulhanek was born Aug 2 1936 in Germany, and died abt Feb 17 2016 in SW Suburban Chicago in Illinois, USA.
    He was the son of Willy Assenheimer (1912-1944) and Berta Freida Kaess (1915-1992). Roland was a half orphan or paternal orphan, along with his two siblings Elsa and Willi. Roland was raised as a child in Nazi Germany. He talked about picking the grapes near Benningen am Neckar, Germany. His Kaess ancestors hailed from that area. He took the name Kulhanek from his adoptive Father Vaslav/Vaclav Kulhanek (d. bef 1992), who was from the Czech Republic.
    Within a few years after the war, Roland and his parents and siblings moved to Venezuela for six years.
    They then relocated to the Midwest in America, in Illinois and Ohio. Roland settled down in Oak Lawn, Illinois and Orland Park, Illinois. He worked construction for many years. He used to poke fun at people and say, ‘Are you going to get there’?
    Roland had two children and four grandchildren before he died. He was married to Shirley Bunch, from Mississippi, an RN. His children were Greg Kulhanek and Kimberly Kulhanek (later Kohs). His grandchildren were Reyna Kulahnek and Lauren Kulhanek and Sarah Kohs and Daniel Kohs.
    Brian Paul Kaess met his Cousin Roland (and Greg and Kim) in early 1990 in Oak Lawn, Illinois, before his trip to Germany in April. They were happy that Brian was going to meet his Grandfather Paul Ernst Kaess and his two half-aunts Arnhild Kaess and Ursula Kaess.
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  • Tusnelda
    Erfahrener Benutzer
    • 16.10.2016
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    Hi Brian.

    Nice story, but what exactly do you want? Have you got any question or requests for help?

    Best regards
    Viele Grüße
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    • briankaess22
      • 08.02.2016
      • 37

      Willi Assenheimer (1912-1944)

      I guess I would like to know more about the ancestry of Willy Assenheimer (1912-1944), Roland Kulhanek's Father. Williy was a German soldier KIA in France in WWII. He may have been born in Asperg.


      • Artsch
        Erfahrener Benutzer
        • 14.07.2013
        • 1933


        Assenheimer gibt es heute noch in Asperg.

        Beste Grüße